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door panel removal, front and rear

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guys, got some issues inside my doors that need att. what is the procedure for removing door panels from the 123 chassis? please advise if different for the rear doors. thanks
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I recently removed and reinstalled the driver's side panel on mine. There is a screw under the black cover under the inner door handle. Pry the plastic cover carefully by inserting a flat bladed screwdriver under the edge on one side.

The clips around the edge of the panel are just like GM car slips - they need to be pried out, preferably gently with a special removal tool (available at all parts stores).

The front of the door map pocket is retained by a special L shaped clip, which is a part of the door panel and cannot be replaced if you break it. All other clips are replaceable. The L clip is dislodged by moving the panel straight up, slightly rotating it, after all other clips and screw are loose or removed.

Re-installation is a little more tedious as you have to slip the L clip into the slot. But once you see how it is shaped, you'll figure out a good way to get it there. First insert the L clip, then worry about everything else.

I did not break my L clip!:D But I did ask hot to remove the panel without breaking it.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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