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door panel removal, front and rear

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guys, got some issues inside my doors that need att. what is the procedure for removing door panels from the 123 chassis? please advise if different for the rear doors. thanks
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JamieK said:
Be careful of the door pocket on the front doors. It has a tab that slips into a hole in the door itself, so after you pry the outer edges of the door panel loose, you have to lift and rotate so the tab will release. Don't worry, it just sounds harder than it is. But be careful; it's very easy to break.

Agreed, this took a whole hour because I didn't want to break mine and couldn't figure it out...

Putting it back on is a whole new issue. I couldn't get the tab to clip onto the door... :mad:
Oh yeah, don't forget that one. Actually on lower models (from other countries perhaps0 with the armrest having no diagonal part, it's like the driver door. But ours have this feature except the driver's door.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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