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1983 380SEC
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@KRH thank you for the kind words. The car was built by the PO back in the 90's. He was very eccentric, actually a really cool guy with a lot of crazy ideas. He did so much to the car I don't really know where to start. To give you some understanding he had put a mannequins arm coming from the center console where the radio would be, and in the hand was a 90's Pioneer DVD remote control. CRAZY right lol
The car specs:
Koenig widebody kit
Speedline Alessio wheels, 18x10.5 front and 18x13 rear (original Speedline barrels - they had 18x13 etched in them)
Full roll cage
Full carbon fiber interior, dash, headliner, door cards, c pillars etc)
660hp Big block chevy engine
4 speed muncie transmission
Full air ride suspension
Custom black paint with ghost flames
Panther mural on the trunk drawn by a American veteran Vietnam POW
1500watt sound system
Full digital dash
Thats most of what I remember. There was a lot more details.
Wyzer, did that have a rack conversion as well or did the big block somehow fit (in which case i will weep with joy)
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