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A DIY detailer, today I used Sal Zaino's (Zaino Bros), Z-5 Pro synthetic polish and the ZFX accelerator in the finish coats (2) of both my 88 560SL(black) and my 08 SL550 (alabaster white)

Allow me to say, the depth and reflection is absolutely the best I've ever achieved.

Albeit in-doors (inside garage), the attached photos serve to highlight the depth of refection obtained. Note reflection of my SL550 in my 560SL (which by the way, is the original paint With 145k miles on it !!!). Pre-treatment included clay-bar'ing followed by the 3M Perfect 3-stage power polishing which removed 100% of al swirl marks and/or any minor scratches (on both cars).

I have yet to apply the Zaino Z9 gloss enhancer (spray) and will do so tomorrow on top of the 3rd and 4th coats and once the polish has cured.:thumbsup:

Next, if time permits tomorrow I will do the same on my CLS or in any case will asap, as well ultimately my LR too.


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