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....your wagon mileage may vary....

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114K on the 98' 4matic wagon, ski rack with ski's catching bugs all the way, full load, 4 people + all the luggage, stock tires and wheels so I'm assuming the odometer and speedo are correct.

going from sea level in So Cal 300+ miles gradual climb to about 4100 feet to Bishop 24MPG

mostly city at 7500 foot elevation same load of people etc. 16MPG

Bishop to So Cal same gradual decline 33MPG!

I wonder sometimes how much the awd penalty really is, can't be too much.
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I have the same car, same year, mileage is very close to what you have posted save for one, that 33MPG, must be some downhill:eek:. In flate land, on inter-state speed of about 70mph, i get 28mpg. what i can't figure out is that is this car has a 18 gallon tank or 21 gallon? i get two different figures from different sources. Anyway, my old( sold) 1995 BMW 525it wagon gets one mpg better than this E320 wagon at highway speeds, but in city driving the BMW gets one mpg less than the Benz, these two cars weight almost the same. the difference is in the 2.5l inline 6 to the 3.2l V6.
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