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....your wagon mileage may vary....

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114K on the 98' 4matic wagon, ski rack with ski's catching bugs all the way, full load, 4 people + all the luggage, stock tires and wheels so I'm assuming the odometer and speedo are correct.

going from sea level in So Cal 300+ miles gradual climb to about 4100 feet to Bishop 24MPG

mostly city at 7500 foot elevation same load of people etc. 16MPG

Bishop to So Cal same gradual decline 33MPG!

I wonder sometimes how much the awd penalty really is, can't be too much.
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Spark Plug Gap

How much would a difference of .07 (.39 gapped down to .32) make? I know when I changed my plugs I put in the NGKs. They came pre-gapped at .39. The specs on these beauties say .32 so I gapped them all down. I notice that I only get low to mid 20's for MPG.

Does that .07 make a big difference? I know our ignition systems are pretty stout for the size engine we have, I do not see why .39 should cause a problem. Any body have some experience or actual knowledge as compared to my fuzzy logic?

Drew :rolleyes:
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