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Your Opinion/Advice Please!

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Your Opinion/Advice Please - '02 CLK 320 vs. '05 or '06 C230!

I'm a M-B convert! Thought they were big and sedate (70's) and then rode in a newer model recently and fell in love. Drove an '06 C230, 30K mi at a private dealership and it was awesome! Found an '02 CLK 320 Cabriolet Firemist red at M-B dealership -- gorgeous, inside and out (57,727 mi)! Love the luxurious interior, convertible, tight ride, & little larger back seat of the CLK combined with sport (space concerns because have two children-already own a minivan so we can get this smaller sport model!). Just wonder how wise it is to buy a seven year old car vs. a younger model of a slightly lesser level of car (CLK is 1000 lbs heavier). The older model is a much more expensive car originally, and belief is M-B is a good solid car that lasts. Before 50K mi, '02 was certified pre-owned. Have 'champagne taste and beer budget'! Would love to hear other's thoughts!
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Champagne taste and beer budget.....tough choices.......Sedan or Convertible.........

Buy the CLK. The V6s are great runners. Very tight and solid chassis with great brakes and stylish interiors. Smoooooth.

If the example you mention has low miles and is clean and you can see the service booklet is current, it will be the better deal and car IMO.
The CLK 320 won -- I'm sure you're not surprised! We picked it up this evening and today was a gorgeous day in PA -- 65 and sunny and people were driving around in convertibles with the top down. When we arrived at the dealer the car was sitting close to the door gleaming with top down -- what a fabulous sight! Thank you for your comments and insights. I did a lot of research and considered a variety of factors. Our financing entity valued it for $4,000 more than what we paid for it, so we believe we got a great deal, and the ride is smoooooth! Thanks again!:thumbsup::D:bowdown:
Glad to help.
Welcome to the CLK crew CJ.
Congratulations and Happy Motoring!
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