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Your Opinion/Advice Please!

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Your Opinion/Advice Please - '02 CLK 320 vs. '05 or '06 C230!

I'm a M-B convert! Thought they were big and sedate (70's) and then rode in a newer model recently and fell in love. Drove an '06 C230, 30K mi at a private dealership and it was awesome! Found an '02 CLK 320 Cabriolet Firemist red at M-B dealership -- gorgeous, inside and out (57,727 mi)! Love the luxurious interior, convertible, tight ride, & little larger back seat of the CLK combined with sport (space concerns because have two children-already own a minivan so we can get this smaller sport model!). Just wonder how wise it is to buy a seven year old car vs. a younger model of a slightly lesser level of car (CLK is 1000 lbs heavier). The older model is a much more expensive car originally, and belief is M-B is a good solid car that lasts. Before 50K mi, '02 was certified pre-owned. Have 'champagne taste and beer budget'! Would love to hear other's thoughts!
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The O6 and 05 230's are a little different. 05 was the last year of the supercharged (kompressor) 4cylinder. 2006 230's got a 6 cylinder and a 7speed transmission. I drove both a while back and ended up getting an 05 - it didn't feel any slower, returns better mpg, and was optioned a little better. I think MB cheapened some interior things in 2006 to help offset the more expensive drivetrain, etc.

Sounds like you really want a convertible and have other cars at home for family duty. I'd go for it but consider the fact that a 30,000 mile Cclass can be found CPO and you'll likely have 30,000 miles of troublefree operation.
Not sure if you could expect similar from an 02 CLK w/ nearly 60,000 miles (any car for that matter). Maybe find a CLK CPO as well and pay a little more.
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