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Hi I own a near new C180 Kompressor Sports pack sedan.

I have recently had troubles with the transmission, sometimes you put it into drive and it doesn’t select the gear, and it will have the odd slight shudder.
I returned the car to the dealership I bought it from to complain and they put it in the workshop to resolve the issue. They have replaced an O-ring that wasn’t correctly fitted, and a new transmission valve. When the car was returned, the problem still has been occurring intermittently.

Chryslers Daimler representative here in Perth, and the Dealership I bought it from are at a loss as to what is causing the issue and don’t believe there is an issue with the car. This has caused me a lot of stress as this is a new vehicle with 7000 kilometers on the clock, and it has left me feeling rather disappointed with the new car.

I have had a look through the forum and seen other people with similar issues. I am currently investigating my legal options with regards to this matter.
Has anyone else experienced a similar problem, if so can you please let me know what you have done to resolve it, be it through the dealer or privately. I wish to show that this is not a one off problem but something affecting multiple vehicles in order to get this rectified.
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