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You are a passionate owner. but sell it ..

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.. it will hurt for a while, and everytime you see one you will miss the car you had. My feeling is though, that what you will miss most, is how you felt when sitting behind the wheel - and how it made you feel about yourself. These "ex-richmens" cars have (I believe) the same devil's hold on a lot of us.
Bottom line is though, if you can't afford to maintain it - danger is, you are driving the image and not the reality.
Without the maintenance pressure (guaranteed to burst the pleasure bubble) you will focus more on what is really important for you at the moment.
Time will come again (my personal guarantee[;)]) when you will be able to choose another car that makes you feel good.
All the very best,
Dennis S.
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Damn., wrong bloody button, post was for "dpalmer"

..sorry, I messed up somewhere.
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