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Yikes...I just bought an '83 500sec...

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Well I went out and picked up an 83 500sec (VIN: WDBCA43A9CB003332). I need a gen 1 AMG body kit. I'd rather source out of Japan rather than go the Dura-$hit. It needs a motor. What do you all think is the best route there?

I need a game plan for this car. I'd like to go gen 1 AMG with everything. What do you all think?

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Hey thanks for running the VIN so fast! It's a convoluted mess right now. Guy said it was "euro" (yes, I've learned that is key word for modified by anybody but Merc/AMG lol). I want to go Gen 1 route I think. What all do I need? And can it be retrofitted with a 5-speed tranny (manual). I did some quick research on ebay germany and it seems they are saying the 5-speeds from a 190e 2.6 will bolt up. Does that make any sense at all?
I guess the most important questions are (while the engine work gets sourced and finished) with the body and running gear.

What shocks to use with H&R sport springs?

What wheels?

Where/how can I find the gen 1 AMG bodykit (not the wide body though!).

Anybody know of a Silberpfeil/AMG) steering wheel that's period correct?

I don't want this car to turn into a mutt like my S74 RENNtech/Lorinser did.

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What is a good place to get all the wood re-finished and matching? I want all the AMG interior wood also. There is none on ebay/ right now. Just some chinese crap that won't match anything else in the car.
A true euro car should have...what a16 character VIN? 99% of all "euro" Mercs I see are a mess of aftermarket crap, .8% are destroyed beyond repair, and .2% are in good shape--its such a shame.

Thanks for the tip about the tranny. I will search up tomorrow (hoping I have time to do lots of reading in the near future here).

How about those Recaro seats? Were those ever used in the gen 1's?
It's duraflex that's the problem. I have yet to see a car (any car) with a duraflex body kit of any kind that's not warped or cost thousands upon thousands to fit right--and only marginally right even at that point. Duraflex to me is like armor all. I wouldn't let either touch a merc of mine. Am I wrong about it?
Hahah well that's true it is a want but... Well what direction do you want to see me go with the car?
Thank you very, very much for the wood resto link. I saw that thread but couldn't find it in all the commotion last night. I do have a set of burl door centers coming from Germany. I figure I'll source all the wood and that outfit can re-do tue entire mess so that it will match up.
Well it's not much to look at (yet) but here are two pix:

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