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1990 C250 4matic
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Bought new 2010 C250 4-matic 6 months ago with 100 KM from delivery .Showroom floor model.
done 1100 kms since in 6 months.
CEL Check engine light came on 2 wks ago.Disappeared after 24 hours on its own.
took it the MB service to check and also perform the recall on steering.

Found codes (mechanic checked and printed on invoice covered by warranty )0750 2096 0746 2092 misfire cyl 1, 2 Too rich .He checked actual values Engine value at 607 Specs 561..651
Updated car software.Erased codes

all okay till today,(the CEL went off by itself anyway before they checked)
Today, bearly 10 days Again CEL appeared for no reason.


Again made appt to go back.It s a nightmare.
MB quality going down the drain.I hope I dont end up like my relative's earlier generation C-class with permanent CEL on that the dealer cannot fix in a few years

Should I suggest they check something else,the mechanic did not solve the intermittent problem in the first place
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