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ok im one of the many lost in the world of choosing suitable 2nd hand alloys for my van,
from trawling through the threads ive gathered that we need an offset of at least 34 and can go as big as 20 " rims,
the bit i was unsure of was what offset other mercs are,
well i was looking at wheels on ebay just now and one seller added this link which as far as i can tell confirms that all mercs have an offset of 35 so surely that means all 5 stud merc wheels will fit?
ive read a lot of different threads saying "hey i got my wheels of this merc and they fit ok" but was wondering if it would be more suitable if anyone who bought 2nd hand merc wheels and they DIDNT fit to share their unfortunate experience?
thus far i havnt read a single thread that was in that manner?
ok ill shut up waffling now and heres the link, cheers

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