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1995 MB S500 Sedan
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Pardon me if this has been beaten to death...but I didn't find what I wanted in a search.

I found some wheels I like for my '95 S500...they are available in both 8" and 9" width X 18" diameter. They are 43mm offset....I believe stock is 51mm. Quick math tells me that the the 9" option, with the 43mm offset will be closer to the fender lip by about 1.5". I know that the 9's will fit in the rear with 255/45/18's....but does anyone have first-hand experience about that option in front? I want to be able to if that doesn't fit in front I'll just go 235/50/18 with the 8" rims all round. Looking for actual first-hand knowledge here as opposed to guesses. Thanks!!!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts