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As most of you probably realised I've been away for a week, had to go 700 miles South to take G/F and her Mum down to see their very ill Brother / Son

Anyway I'm back now, and every time I go down there things seem to get worse in one way or another :crying

We left at 10pm, 2.5 + hrs into the journey my V Class "Bussie" Engine, 2.2 CDI breaks a Piston, no warning, serviced a few weeks back and was driving perfect :rolleyes:

So, by the time we'd been "Relay" recovered, and swapped cars to the C Class, the time was now 5:30am, and I had to do the first 1/3rd of the journey over again :frown

C Class behaved itself fine, but due to all the M1 and M25 traffic that I'd planned on avoiding by driving overnight, I didn't get to our accomodation until around 5pm..............

Full of about 14 cans of "Red Bull" but absolutely shattered :frown

Now we're back, to add to my list of "stuff to do" I've added an Engine Removal from the "wrecker parts bus" that I have, this one runs fine but needs Injector Seals doing, then remove the wrecked Engine from my Bussie and fit all the good bits back together and get it back on the road..............

The W638's are an @rse to do an Engine swap on, soooooooo many bits to come off it first, and I'm going to have to do it all outside as well, as the Workshop is still un useable until the Extension is finished.

Unfortunately this has got to take priority, as the V Class is needed for taking Mels elderly Parents to and from Hospitals etc etc, they can't get in and out of Cars easily these days.

Of course, now we are back it's raining buckets........... DOH

One day maybe I'll get my workshop finished and my S Class finished :crying

Cheers for now,


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If ever there were the need for the famous British "stiff upper lip", this sounds like a poster-child case for that. Man.....
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Thanks fellas,

Yeah, you are both correct..............

I just can't see the reasoning for it all in the bigger picture right now.................
There was absolutely no warning with that engine it sounded sweet as a nut and was running perfectly right up until it dropped onto 3 cylinders and started smoking like a trooper :frown

OK so it was a s/h engine I fitted from an old Vito van that I bought, but it was sweet as a nut and had been well looked after :dunno:

It has always been serviced regularly and all levels were and are still fine, I did a thorough diag on Sunday, no compression on Cylinder 1 and puffing heavily into crankcase, the last engine, (3 - 4 years ago), did exactly the same with piston number 3, sweet as a nut and no warning :rolleyes:

I'm beginning to wonder if there was a bad batch of pistons around 2002 because neither engine had done the mileage most CDI's achieve..............

The Sprinter fish vans that I used to look after at my previous employers, (same 2.2 CDI Engine), were thrashed un mercifully by their drivers, not serviced regularly, and whilst those drivers managed to break everything else, and chuck the vans into ditches etc, they never blew an engine :frown

Anyway, now I have 2 customers champing at the bit for large jobs on 2 CL's and I started to pull the Engine on the "Parts" V Class yesterday, and it then decided to pour down again :crying

On the upside, I doubt that old girl has been started for a year or more, and upon fitting a fresh battery it started straight up and ran beautifully, drove it over to outside the front of the workshop to start ripping it apart :wink

Rain again today, August is not a good month in NW Highlands :frown

I've decided to go to Inverness today, and get the last few bits to finish the kitchen in the workshop, worktops and a base unit :wink
Then I can paint the floors and move stuff around to one side of the extension, thus gaining some much needed space in the main Workshop.

Hopefully be at that point around this weekend :wink

Cheers guys,

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