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1984 190e 2.3L euro 1983 300DT
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Quick question before I go out. Thought I better get info because my uninformed ass cost me 40.00 for a center vent asm from the dealer. Who wooda thought the vent control came off with a allen wrench. Ok to my question I checked search for the ovp I have read that it is behind the batt under a plastic cover. If that is so what is the relay in the fuse box in R-4 is that my ovp. Besty is running high at idle. I don't know if it makes a difference but Besty is a Grey car if that helps. Thanks. I knew what Besty is thought you would like to know also she is a 1984 2.3 8 valve 190e with manual tranny. Sorry about not putting it in at first
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