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Hello All:

About 3 x in the last year the ML was exhibiting an intermittent BAS error - sudden one wheel braking.

It did set a code a few months back but then it cleared itself.

It would go a long while and no issues.

I also got a code for a defective LR ABS wheel speed sensor, which I replaced & code promptly went away. I decided to order the other 3 wheel speed sensors so they would all be new.

About a week ago, all the sudden I got the infamous '3 light Salute' + the Brake MIL + persistent audible Beeping - the whole time ML is in motion !

I immediately suspected the Yaw Rate Sensor + maybe something other fault had occurred with the ABS system.

So, I'm trying to document this & work thru the issue.

A weird thing happened this time: The ML wouldn't shift out of 1 or 2 Gear - and bumping the Gear Shift in D wouldn't change up or down gears at all !

Very different in that it now doesn't make the ML irritating to drive (by either locking a single wheel OR beeping continuously until cycling key), but rather by preventing the Transmission from shifting above 2, you cannot drive anywhere (above 30mph) !

(Basically, ML goes down road, but undriveable as is)

I scanned & got these codes:

ME module: P20CC Rough Road Detection by comparing wheel speeds - LF Wheel speed missing
P2068>>P0720 Error Stored in EGS Control Unit - Output Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction

ESP module: C1120 - Yaw Rate Sensor - One wheel locks up BAS fault
C1100 Left Front Axle VSS Fault
C1101 Right Front Axle VSS Fault

EGS module P2402 The Front Right Wheel speed of the traction system is implausible
P2400 The Right Rear wheel speed of the Traction System is implausible

I performed the scan & attempted module error erase using the 'CARSOFT FOR MERCEDES' program on the laptop.

But the error codes didn't erase - I've never seen this software fail to erase a code / module before.

Is there a trick like needing to ERASE faults from modules; then disconnect Battery overnight ?

Or do I need to invest a fancy new handheld MB live data scanner like the Autel or iCarSoft ?

Or will the codes NOT erase until after I obtain a new, used (Ebay) 'YAW Sensor" which is part # A 003 542 23 18

Hoping to get this resolved as the ML is sidelined until this is resolved.

Appreciate any input you can offer on this matter !

David in East Texas

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Kudos to you for posting the codes and the module they were stored in, which is rarely done.

Or will the codes NOT erase until after I obtain a new, used (Ebay) 'YAW Sensor" which is part # A 003 542 23 18 . That is the correct part number.

And the answer is YES.

M/B wants $650 for a new one, so I would try for a used one on ebay or any other site you wish.

You have a scanner that is fine. It's just that you must perform the replacement of the YAW Rate Sensor and most of those other codes will be deleted.

Here is the procedure to R&I the Yaw sensor.


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If you buy one on eBay, make sure you are actually buying the yaw rate sensor that you need. There are two modules located in the center console right next to each other, which are sometimes referred to as the LATERAL ACCELERATION ACCELEROMETER YAW RATE SENSOR and the other one is sometimes called the Yaw Rate Sensor Module. If you go by the Mercedes part number on your current module you should be fine. (The larger sensor has four different part numbers on it, which is kind of odd). I wouldn't pay more than $40 for either one. If you have a pick-n-pull near you, they are VERY easy to remove and shouldn't cost more than $10. (Larger module requires a 10mm socket, whereas smaller one just needs a flat head to flip a piece of metal that holds it in). Bring a long phillips to remove the center console, held in with four screws, two inside storage area.

2000 E 320 Wagon + 2002 ML 500 SUV
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Great input thank you.
I'll review that procedure.
I did remove console & scoped out the 2 related sensors that's how I got the exact part #'s.

I'm also checking / cleaning the electrical connectors to it.

A post I searched out on an ML320 also suggested to check for loose ground wires in Passenger side foot well - is that the "Interior Fuse Panel" - one guy had all these errors the ground wires were loose !

As our rigs approach 20 years old time has taken a toll !

You're saying if I clean grounds/ connectors / replace with wrecking yard sensor that my Laptop with CARSOFT Mercedes should suffice?

Thanks a million guys - David in Texas
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