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XM SkyFi2 in place!

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I get full signal even in my garage with the antenna on dash...WOW-I LOVE this thing.
I used the in car kit supplied swivel,above the glove box and buried the antenna wire in the bottom of the windscreen down through glovebox ,now need a Radioshack lighter plug to wires adaptor to +12v in passenger footwell.



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I think its the US equivalent of DAB radio....but its $10 per month sub,$7 as an add on to my sons sub.
FM modulated to radio,however much better quality to wire in direct to radio-tough with SLK US radios-no aux input.
RE: XM SkyFi2 ...more

so,today I popped out the radio(nailfile) and found a switched 12v and an on all time wire.
I went for the switched supply,tapped in and ran it rthrough into the glovebox.Now both antenna and power are in the glovebox.I've got a nice looking install,very easy.Adrian
Note in picture how small the antenna is,on the dash (black bump)
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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