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Hi can anyone advise where the cheapest place is where I can purchase Star C3 or C4 hardware?

I am not interested in software or hard drives just the multiplexer and lead for W211.

Is this possible or am I chasing a dead horse?

Thanks in advance


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A lot of people have bought Carsoft 7.4 around here. If there is a source for the genuine MB equipment I am not aware of it. But you might have a look at ebay as there are some counterfeit (Chinese I believe) Star knockoffs.

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Carsoft can not do anything with the SBC system. Besides with that code you need it replaced for safety.

The pump has exceeded its duty cycle life. We are not talking about a CD player. This is the heart of the brake system and putting peoples' lives at stake is not worth it. You can get good SBC pumps at the breakers for 150 quid and have a shop with the SBC reset and the MB SDS spend 30 minutes with the car to make it safe again.
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