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lol sorry even though i posted up my question before about xenon one ever gave me a specific answer...are xenon lights the one that go from a white to purple whenever the car hits a bump..or something and theyre on the new maximas,tl,745..etc.... if so...and if i get xenons for my ml....they will look the same? they will turn from white to purple depending on the angle?
thank you....

1999 ML 320
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xenon headlights come as a kit...usually. i have been lookin around on ebay just to get an idea of prices...tryin to find a killer deal...but they are still relatively cheap ~$300

come with
two xenon gas filled bulbs
two igniters
two ballasts

then attached to all that is the wiring to connect it to your existing lighting plugs.

the color of the light you see is based off the color temperature of the bulb you buy...

4300K is as close to natural sunlight as you can get
7000-7500K is a blueish-white color
8000K+ = purplish

i have seen green xenons as well as red...dun really care for either..but to each their own.

also please keep in mind that any cheap blue/purple bulb is not the same as the xenon system and if the wattages are too high for the wire harness that connects to the'll pretty much melt the harness...

just as an example:

that would be an example of a kit that id get...*shrug* i personally would only want Hella / Phillips but thats me...plenty of other people have other brands and its been fine each his/her own.

if this doesnt really answer your question...feel free to PM / post the next question. but it would definately take me a while to get back to ya since i tend not to go online as much.

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