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Xenon Lights~

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Finally I have installed the xenon lights~
one step closer to a complete facelift~


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Is there a way to have both low and high beam lit up at the same time?

I am working on installing xenon for my high beam as well. I don't know how it will look but so far, I have spent $300 for H1 bulbs, ballasts, ignitors, wiring, ... I am awaiting to receive the stuff.
Thanks lnguyenh,

Well.. our headlights are running on H4, so if the highbeam is activated you don't get to see the low beam. (same as the normal halogen lights)
In the market, for HIDs i think hi/lo beam is only available for the H4s.
As for the H1s we are only using it as the fog light for our car.

Hope to see your lights soon~(with shades at night) [8D]
Oh I see. I guess you are using "regular" headlights with aftermarket xenon. For mine, it has separate high and low beam. The low beam is H1 and fog light is H3.
lnguyenh - 3/3/2005 2:55 PM

Here mine
It changed the entire look of your car front wise.
I know that my 00 the Xenons stay on when you have the brights on. Since you retro fitted the xenons do your low beams go off when you use the brights
Only one work at the time for mine. How did you make both lit at the same time?
ken chai, where did u get your xenon set from? Can u provide me the supplier's contact. saya ipoh mali.[:D]
The bosch aftermarket (but OEM) HID projectors come with a set of relays that, when installed, will allow you to keep your low and high beams on at the same time. I didn't bother to install the relays in my car because the projectors work so well that they make the high beams almost pointless.

I personally don't like the look of a HID (or HID-like) bulb in a regular light housing designed for a halogen bulb. When you see it, it's confusing and it makes you wonder which it is - a HID or HID-like bulb.
Can you Xenon expert people give your recommendations please on how to upgrade my -93 H4 to Xenons?
I've heard horror stories from people upgrading to Xenons. Should I get all the MB R129 original Xenon equipment (very expensive?) or do I have another more economical (and reliable) option?
I'd like to hear your experiences and recommendations please.
Erik - following is my recent experience with xenons.

Firstly i agree with 'drdj'. Go for bosch aftermarket ones which will cost you about half the price of mercedes ones which are the same thing - that's what i did. Only external difference (for hawk-eyes only) is that on bosch lights there is no tiny 'mercedes star' logo on glass (very-very small detail for one to notice even when looking up close, but that's how i got my username from).

Anyhow, took the dealer 90 mins to install/adjust - i also changed the high-beam bulbs to philips bluevision H-1 to avoid the yellowish look of the parking lights.

Furthermore, when i put on the high beams, the xenon low beams go off. The dealer said that in latest SL'S (1999 onwards) the low beams stay on as well. He also said he could do it in my car by by-passing couple of wires/switches etc, however he did not recommend this because in my original wiring the lights work through the ECU, whereas if he made it for both high/low beams to be on, he would have to by-pass the ECU - which he did not recommend.

Another thing is that the switch (which you roll up-down 0-1-2-3) by the headlights main switch inside the cabin becomes inoperable since the aftermarket xenons are adjusted 'once-and-for-all' upon installation and you do not have the option to lower your lights when the car is loaded / car's trim is changed. but to me this is not important, since a 3rd passenger never rides along (just me and my wife) plus that we don't load the SL with heavy baggage.

Hope above assists.




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Thanks for your reply detailas! That's very valuable information![:)]

I would have another question for the forum - I have the standard -93 H4s (and the manual level adjustment from the dash) and I have an opportunity to acquire the original MB xenons with the self-leveling at a reasonable price, but I'm not sure if they would fit my -93, as I understand they are compatible with the 1998-2001 models - I don't know why.

Has anyone changed their 89-97 H4s to MB original xenons with the self-levelling?
Anyone knows if I can swap or would I have to do something weird or complex like bypassing the ECU?
Is this reasonable at all or is it simply too complex an operation?

Any advice would be appreciated!

BTW I did a search with "xenon" and got ~80 results; I didn't read them all...[:I]
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