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One of the Xenons lights on my 1997 SL500 had a fault and kept blowing fuses due a short circuit somewhere. Wiring sheath within lamp looks very brittle hence I think this is where the fault it or perhaps in the ballast unit.

Some questions:

1. is it possible to strip down a Xenon light to access all internal components to check them?
2. if the witing sheathing is damaged does nayone have any idea how to solve? other than changing the wires would it be possible to re-warp wires in insultating tape or is this not likley to be a solution?
3. is it possible to buy internal components of the Xenons? for instance if I need to change the internals / ballast can I do so, or do I need to buy an entire lamp unit?
4. if I do need to buy a new lamp unit is it appropriate to buy just one or is it wisr to buy a pair?
5. anyone know where I can buy an OEM lamp unit (some on eBay, but I'm a little wary with these in case the quality is poor)



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Alan, some months ago I noticed my RH light was out.

It turned out to be a rat that had chewed through the cables between the xenon bulb and the ballast unit. One of the cables has an extra thick insulation. This one I soldered and and applied clear silicone over the joint . The others I soldered and taped with self bonding rubber insulating tape.
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