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My Car: 2000 S430 halogen.
I purchased OEM Xenon headlamps to install in my car (ebay). Through my research, I was told for the regular OEM Xenon (2000-2002, NOT the 2003 bi-xenons) all I had to do was to remove the old headlamps and install the new one in its place and to plug it in.

Then, I take it to the Mercedes dealer for them to turn Xenon ON in the STAR computer.

Can someone who has done this confirm that this is correct? My local dealer had the car for 2 days and said they couldn't do it. THey would have to open up the dash, run some tubing/wiring, install new ignitors, etc.... How is that possible? I examined the Xenon's and I can plainly see the ballasts screwed onto the bottom of the lights.

Can anyone clarify? Thanks so much. If the dealer can't do it, I'll just have to do it myself! and take it to them to turn Xenon on.



2000 S430
Black exterior/Tan interior
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