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Xenon HID for your Mercedes . (PHILIPS OEM HID)599

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Dear Mercedes Benz Owners. <p>We are JBC HID located at Los Angeles . We distribute HID SYSTEM for Mercedes and BMW for more than 1 year in Los Angeles area . We have sold more than 350 sets over the year to the Mercedes & BMW onwers. <p>Our XENON HID are "Beam Pattern Corrected" so it will not cause any glare to the incoming traffic and are very safe and comfortable to drive with . <p>Unlike many other AfterMarkert Xenon HID we will not cause any glare and will fit perfectly in to your Nice Mercedes. <p>The HID system they comes in 2 PHILIPS D2R HID BULB. <br>2 x Philips Ballast and the needed wiring for the HID. <p>ps. These are the real "HIGH INTENSITY DISCHARGE" Headlight, these are not the "BLUE TINTED BULB" . <p>Please visit our web page at <br>for more information . <p>Please contact us via [email protected]<p>Best Regards<br>JBC HID SALES TEAM <br>