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Xenon fit for original front end?

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I'm very interested in doing the genuine xenon replacement for my 300SD.

Most of the ones I've seen is with the newer front end, mine's the original.

Was just curious if anyone else has done it or is in the process of doing it and what's involved.

If so, is there any sites with the stuff to order that's good quality for my Benz?

Thanks a lot for the info!



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Right now I have a pair of PIAA Extreme H4 on my Euro. I just ordered a pair of SilverStar H4 to see if they're better. Well, there are many streets here with no light so I can test the result at night when they get here.
Received the SilverStar today and installed them. At first, I thought they are not as bright as the PIAA. But after dark, what a big different. The PIAA white light is bright but the SilverStar shows more details of what in the front. Unlike the PIAA which some details are lost in the white light.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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