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Xenon fit for original front end?

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I'm very interested in doing the genuine xenon replacement for my 300SD.

Most of the ones I've seen is with the newer front end, mine's the original.

Was just curious if anyone else has done it or is in the process of doing it and what's involved.

If so, is there any sites with the stuff to order that's good quality for my Benz?

Thanks a lot for the info!



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JR, where do you live?

For the Euros, was it easier to mount the ballst? Do you have lots of glares with your setup? I don't want to risk getting tickets for blinding cops, haha.

Which brand of ballst did you go for, or was it an aftermarket kit?
Thanks for clearingthings up. D2R is for reflectors, whats D2S for?

Where do get the ballast for $250?

For the H4 and casper, was it hard putting on the caspers with the D2R? You have to glue it or it just fits in there? The caspers are supposed to block the lights that goes to the bottom or the top of the headlight so it won't reflect?

Is it okay to use the orginal harness from the factory? (I think someone said no, forgot who). If you ran it straight from the battery, how would you do it? Thanks for the help.
On hidtech, where is the 279 one located?

I think the $270 one is a good deal. I was about to pay $275 for a group buy aftermarket HIDs. I guess I should not go with that?

Where did you get the $70 harness? Is installing it easy? I don't want to deal with cutting wires and stuff like that.

Where do you find the JB weld for the caspers? Just curious, how much did the whole setup cost you before retrofitted projectors? How was the output during the 10 days you had the caspers? Did it glared a lot?
Wait, I don't get how you fried your ballast? Do they die that easily, talking about 2000 hours of life... haha. The first ballast you got was the one with separate ignitors?

You got the Painless Performance Headlight Conversion Harnesses?

Is it better to get D2R or D2S for the euros?

Do you happened to have the info of the dude from Germany?
How come D2S is better?

On summit racing, which harness did you get? THere's a lot for $30, and one for $79.

Is it true that the reason there's glare is because the lights reflect from the bottom of the reflectors, so then the lights bounces up?

The Gen 4 Hellas, don't they have a built in ingnitor?
Also, how many volt does the ballast use? 12 or 24? If 24, how do you give enough power for it?
I have a question about the $270 ballast and bulb. Is it easily connected to our cars? I know someone that said it was hard installing it into our car and he ended up selling it. Since you had experience with it, I'll like to hear your suggestion.

If the D2S provides more light due to the shielding in the D2R, will the D2S provide more glare? I'm just curious if painting the bottom of the reflectors black will reduce the glare?

Also, will the glass pattern on the euros affect the glare as well?
Are the OEM ballast really hard to install or connect to the power? That "someone" said it was real hard, and I'm afraid now. haha
I have to agree those city lights are hot! How did you installed them with your Euros?

How come you say you won't install HID on your Depot/TYC?
For those that have/had city lights in your euros, where is it located, and how do you hook up the city lights? Or is it alreay part of the housing thing with the 6 pins?
1 - 10 of 29 Posts
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