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Xenon fit for original front end?

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I'm very interested in doing the genuine xenon replacement for my 300SD.

Most of the ones I've seen is with the newer front end, mine's the original.

Was just curious if anyone else has done it or is in the process of doing it and what's involved.

If so, is there any sites with the stuff to order that's good quality for my Benz?

Thanks a lot for the info!



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genuine xenon? There are no genuine xenon's made for 126's..

If you look around this was just discussed on this board.

just an FYI, but I've had the knock off's and the real euro lights in my hands and the knock off's are not nearly as nice. The fit and finish isn't there and they just have the cheap chinese feel..

Considering what good used units go for (coupes cost more then saloon light..) and that new lights are right around 600 I don't think that's out of line to put quality pieces in one's car.

1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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