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WTT: 19 inch Rays Lexion X503 for 18" W210/W211 E55 AMG Factory Wheels

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Hi everyone. I have a set of Rays Lexion X503 wheels on my E55 AMG right now... and I want to return to an 18 inch set of wheels for issues like ride comfort, and also the cheaper cost of tires. I put 40,000 miles a year on the cars, so - tires end up being a big expense. The 503s did improve handling considerably - they're a lot lighter than the factory W210 Monoblocks that they replaced, and so the less unsprung weight made a big difference.

The wheels are chrome, I am unsure what the offset is for the wheels - I do know, however, that they are a direct bolt-on to a W210 E55 AMG. I imagine the same would be true to a W211 or any number of other Mercs, but I can't guarantee that.

They're staggered: 19x8 in front, 19x9 in the rear. They have good rubber on them now, with Sumitomo HTR ZIII's, with 80% tread remaining in front, and about 60% remaining in the rear. While the pictures show centercaps, I have lost them. The centercaps are the 'standard' size, and it should be very easy to find replacement Mercedes badge centercaps. There is some minor curb rash on 2 of the wheels. If you're serious about pursuing this, please contact me, and I'll send photos of the damage.

I'm not willing to ship - and this would need to be a trade, of course. I'm not asking for any money on this. Only that if you have a set of wheels, that they have good rubber on them. If not, then I'd ask for some cash. I'm not too picky on whether or not the wheels you want to trade have curb rash on them. The car they're going onto is a daily driver that is often street parked, and so perfect wheels will cease to be perfect pretty quickly.

I'm located in the Los Angeles/Inland Empire area, but I'm willing to drive a ways to meet somebody to do the swap. If anyone is in Sacramento for example, I'll meet you halfway. Same for Phoenix, etc etc.

Send me a private message if you're interested, and I'll send you my cell number and other contact information. Without further ado, here are the pictures! Last image: Me swapping them the first time - trading with a fellow W210 E55 owner for my original Monoblocks...

Let me know if you're interested! Have fun guys.


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