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WTK: Alarm/Pager/Keyless Entry...

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I want to know what the difficulties are, if there are any on aftermarket keyless entries systems as oppose to an OEM or dealer installed system.

This is a part of the car, that I'm afraid to go to a Chop shop like Al & Ed's.

I know there was an article the showed how to connect an aftermarket Alarm system to the Vacuum Pump for the MBZ's.

Any recommendations of particular brands...? for some reason European cars to me have always been synonymous with ALPINE. But I just found out that they stop making Security Systems.

Any particular install shop's or dealerships...? There was Henry's back in my day here in Orange County, which later spawned of to Audio Chamber, and I think it's the whole thing that start Al & Ed's Autosound...

I'm really not into 1-button remotes, I like the new LCD pager alarms.

Thanks for any advice.

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keyless entry

I am going to fix a keyless entry system and i need the color codes of the wires.

The electrical connection on the vaccum pump is very simple.

If you want I can post up the colors of the cables and their function.

I believe that all you have to do is +12V one of the cables to lock up and GROUND the same cable to lock.

Dont quote me on that, I'll have to search for the diagram here on my PC
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