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achova - 3/9/2005 12:34 PM

I recently purchased a 463 SWB and I'm hoping to freshen the suspension. Does anyone out there have a set of good springs they'd like to sell? In talking to Mike S. and reviewing posts, it appears the best set up for me is as follows:

front - white 3-stripe: 460 321 04 04
rear - purple: 463 324 00 04
rear [alternate] - white 3-stripe: 460 324 05 04

May not need new shocks, but if anyone has good appropriate shocks, please let me know.

On a related note - anyone know of a G500 being parted out?

Adam C.
I'm looking for the same. Lilac/Purple in the front and back.
Europa has a set of Blue ORC springs (gives 2" lift). They want ~$1100 for the set.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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