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I am looking for a 1997 or later S500 or S420. Mileage isn't an issue if it's got some sort of provenance as far as maintenance. Both of my current W140s have over 270k, so that doesn't frighten me at all.

I can compromise on mechanicals somewhat as long as we're not talking major work, like a tranny swap. I want a drivable car in good condition, but I want to emphasize cosmetics and can compromise on mechanicals, as I can do mechanicals.

A bumper replacement or side trim panels I can do - no rust, damage, paint or bodywork, please. I have to farm that out.

Location isn't a dealbreaker. I'm in Florida, but have traveled as far as California in the past for the right car. I'll do it again, if necessary.

If you've got something that might meet the criteria I've outlined above, or know someone who does, drop me a PM and we'll chat.


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