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WTB: W126, C126 or R107 - In DC or Delivered - $3k max

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Hey fellas:

I need somthing to drive while my coupe is being restored this winter (and to possibly fall in love with and keep).

Must be a 126 or 107 and must be in DC or able to be delivered. I'm open beyond that.

Lemme know,

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Not any longer, but I would have been. I got a 85 500SEL delivered today. Thanks though!
The ugly duckling is SOLD. Good riddance. I'm back in the market; whatca got?
Hey Marc. Send pics and details, please. With a newborn and a frazzled wife, unless the car is across the street I probably won't be able to check it out first. :) I have no problem buying sight-unseen.
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Hey Marc,

You missed me again. I bought a car today. Maybe next time; God knows I don't keep cars around very long. ;)
Responsibility? Never! I bought a '92 SVX. The most irresponsible thing I could. Again, it's just to tide me over until the SEC is done. I have an addiction to interesting and cheap cars and CraigsList is my pusher.


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