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1992 500 SEL, 69K miles
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Hi, thanks for looking at my listing. I am looking for nice, clean and 'new' looking interior parts for my 1983 300SD. The car is a resortaion, so where I cannot find excellent condition parts, I will either buy new ones... or wait for excellent used parts. Please dont contact me if the parts you have are faded, craked or broken. There are buyers for your parts... just not me. Here is a list of stuff I need:

Brazil Color (Dark Brown) Leather Interior:
Seat covers, pads and seat springs (I will likely be buying new hear... but if you have a recently restored, or replaced interiro... or if you car was garaged, and near perfect, I would love to hear about it.

DashBoard or dash

Left Rear Door Panel

Velour Carpeted Panels below dash

Center Console

Becker Radio as appropriate for my year

I understand that the dash and center console and capeted under panels will from a Gen 1 or 2 will fit, bu ttha tthe door panel from a Gen 2 will not.

you may emial me directly at [email protected]

Thanks for looking

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