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I am looking for a nice, reliable 250, 280 Coupe as a daily California driver. There are a few out there, but not exactly what I am looking for; either under-maintained or unfortunate color combination.

What I'd like

Interior: I like it all, except black and blue (unless the car is super nice)
Exterior: All colors are good for me except black (California)
Electrics, Mechanics: good working order
Body: no rust please except some surface rust maybe in trunk,
Some road rash is ok - as I said "driver"

Thank you for looking ! Please let me say this: I am not an MB expert, but have restored a good numbers of cars, so I am not ignorant. We can talk openly. I understand the cars are old.
Please call me at 1 626 484 0039 or email at [email protected] With pictures and price (let's not do guessing games). I am in Southern California 91001.

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