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1980 300TD non-turbo Auto. 1983 Subaru 4x4 wagon, 1978 Ford F-150, 1991 Buick Regal
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I am in need of a speedometer for my '80 300TD. This is a vehicle I rescued from a field where it sat for eight years with the passenger window broken out. It has been my daily driver for the last 8 months and is the best car I've ever owned. I really enjoyed learning about these wonderful machines and the forums here have played a major roll in my education. Thanks to all!
The speedo and odo had been working fine, until the first day below freezing. The cable got hung up in the housing and then released all of a sudden. This snapped the shaft in the gearbox on the back of the gauge where the cable connects. Ouch! I'd rather it broke the cable.
The specs are: part #123 542 63 01. 85mph, with hash marks at 22, 39, and 64. I know that Mercedes matches their speedometers to the ratio in the differential, so other part numbers, shift points won't read accurately.
I'd like one in working condition, but if anyone has one of these that's not working, I'd be willing to buy just the gearbox if it's in working order.
Thanks for your consideration and thanks again for all the help over the last year getting my first Mercedes up and running.
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