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WTB: RIms/lowering springs, skid plates for 06 ML350

I'm looking for some rims to replace my stock 19" sport package rims that came on my car.
I was thinkng about slapping on my 19" Maya DTv rims that are coming off my clk. ANyone know if they will fit? besides the obvious of getting new tires, would these rims even fit on my ml? also would the new tires i'll have to get fit on the rim itself?
here's some info on my maya weels now, the front rim is 8.5 (offset 35)and the rear is about 9.5(offset 37)

also anyone have lowering springs they want to sell? i' just need to drop my car bout an inch.

also looking for these parts
chrome skid plates (front and rear)
or the amg front bumper. thanks
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