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Does anyone have a rear seat ashtray to sell for my '01 CLK? I've looked everywhere. Even the dealer does not have a part # since it doesn't show up on the schematics. Please advise.

Or, do you know where I can get one?
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Try looking up the part on this. It's color coded

Part #s are buried in the #913 code. Maybe if you printed this off ,your dealer could figure it out.. I know I can't..

Good Luck

What's a #913 code and where can I find it?
Sorry, I left out the part where I mention I need it for a 2001 CLK.
Hey bro, do you still have the part or is it missing?
Check out the link just below the post

You have to dig it out of the bottom of the part # page !!!

I'm still missing it. I've looked everywhere. Any suggestions?
I'll look at mine this afternoon and get back with you and tell you if I find a part number on it.
Here is the part numbers found on the bottom of the rear ashtray from my W208:

>PF 40WD<
A 208 918 00 04

Thank you Zack. That was kind of you.
No problem Babalu95! Just hope the part isn't too expensive!
when you find out how much it cost, do you mind telling me how much it is? mine is worn out and scratched up.
Having trouble locating one online with the part number given. Not sure where else to look.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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