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1984 500 SEL (SOLD), 1992 500 SEL, 1993 300SE, 2007 CLS550, 2016 S600 Maybach
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My 1984 500SEL's power antenna is there and pulls up and down manually but does not work with the switch anymore, well since I have purchased the car in January, who knows for how long before that.

It seems to be relatively easy to replace.

The parts available via are generic and I was wondering what the difference between the brands might be, besides just the price.
Your Parts Search Returned 3 Part(s)

They are offering HIRSCHMANN and URO Parts. Is there a big difference in quality? Has anyone ever bought these items and give a testimonial? Hirschmann is double to price but if its better and will last longer, maybe thats the way to go.

Other options?
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