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I'm looking for one (1) Centra 15" Bundt wheel in order to have a serviceable and matching spare wheel for my W123. The wheel size is 15" x 7" with offset of 23mm.

Wheel must NOT be chromed or chipped. I don't care if the paint is gone as long as it's not chromed or chipped badly, as I plan to have it restored and repainted. Preferably, wheel should have minimal curb rash, or if any, fixable scratches or rashes. Show me what you've got.

For reference, the Centra 15" Bundt wheel I'm looking for is similar to the wheel above, in the photo below.

Center cap, tires and lug bolts are NOT required. I plan to purchase the tire to be installed on the wheel. I know the value of these wheels and will gladly pay a very fair price for a good one. Shipping to 92801 in California. Thank you.
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