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WTB Euro Rear Bumper for 1985 280CE

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Looking for a rear Euro bumper for a 280CE. Preferably with all the mounting brackets and hardware. I already have the front. Condition needs to be very good with no dents or rust. Shipping would be to Massachusetts.
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With these not easy to find in the US please look. There are aftermarket ones made in Vietnam out of stainless steel, but they are around $1,000 for a pair and this does not include the rubber trim.

Let me know what you discover.
And what I have read is the 280E/CE and 230/230C came with the 3-piece bumpers and the wagons and diesels came with the 1-piece with the rubber ends. I would be looking for the 3-piece for my coupe.
No Longer looking
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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