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WTB Crankshaft oil thrower

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Anyone have one of these lying around?

It's called and oil thrower or oil slinger. It goes in between the harmonic balancer and the crank timing sprocket.

Can't find one anywhere


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I have a whole crankshaft in my garage and never was able to get the harmonic balancer off.

Link to better description of the part in your other thread:
Oh. I did get the harmonic balancer off, just not the timing chain case cover
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And here is the harmonic balancer:
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I don't see anything in the location you describe.

Edit: link to better description in your other thread:
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What your engine has is how it's shown on EPC and every other diagram I can find. Maybe it's not necessary? Only on the early engines? Mine is an M117.982.

Thank you for looking into it further. I know getting those off isn't easy.
1972 350sl 4.5
I can't find it in the EPC. I also do not remember it from the '72 and '73 engines I tore apart. Chassis numbers 002913 and 008930.
mine is 10704412005273

Just came from the dealer without any luck. Going to try the Classic center now.
I'm beginning to think it is not necessary.
The part was not supposed to be there. Guess that explains why it was damaged.
Jon at the Classic Center could not find it and no one else there knew of oil throwers on this engine. He referred me to Metric Motors. Metric Motors rebuilds Mercedes engines. They said the M117 should not have anything where this oil slinger was found.
Not only did the previous person who worked on this engine snap a head bolt and leave it out, snapped two intake bolts and left them out and strip two spark plug holes but, he added parts.
Guess he thought he knew better than the engineers at MB

Thanks for all your help
Wow. What a mess. And I tire apart a perfectly good 4.5 engine just because I didn't want it laying around. I've got just about everything but the iron block in case you need it. I would love to get the stuff gone, and get a few bucks for my time/hassle of corse.
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