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WTB: Becker radio wiring (plugs)

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I'm looking for the correct wiring harness for an original Becker radio, specifically the rectangular speaker plug(s) and the power wire with in-line fuse. Mine were cut out so someone could install a Horrible Aftermarket Radio.

I don't need the antenna plug or the power antenna plug. Thanks!

More info at the bottom of this page.
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Is this the plug you are looking for? This is the one that would have been used on your year but it is a euro and possible could have been order radio delete in that cause a Blaupunkt was usually installed.

The speaker plugs are generic European plugs that look like this.

Your year wouldn't have came with the silver faced becker. None of these radios used an inline fuse. It is located in the rear of the radio and fuse box.
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Okay well I still am confused on what you are trying to do?

I assumed you wanted to install the correct radio for the year...

The model 460 is a mono radio aka not stereo and if I remember correctly most of the radio will not work in the USA.

If that is the case all you need is a simple 12v line from the ignition or fuse box...the twist apart fuse holders can be found at any electronics/hardware/auto store..
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If the car came "radio delete" as mine did from the factory. There was never a radio harness installed.

The dealer that installed my Blaupunkt ran new wires from the box and probably 20 miles of speaker wire.

A "Mono" radio means that only "one(1)" speaker can be installed on it. This was usually a center speaker in the dash.

FM radio reception has changed a lot of the years. It also differences from countries.

Your also not able to install an AUX cable as there is no cassette deck in it. I have heard that the "ext tape plug" cable you can find usually doesn't work. This plug was used for the uber rare cb radio.

I sadly wasn't born when this car came out neither do I live over seas but I am 99.9% that this radio didn't come with a 300D(wagon). It could have been ordered I suppose but no where do I see it was an option in a 300D.

This looks to have all the radio's ever produced by becker and used in mercedes. It states that after 1980 the stereo version of this was only used in 280SL/SLC.

Google Translate-Sternzeit 107 - Zeitgenössische Becker Autoradios

Another site that shows the options for a Pagoda
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Correct but it depends on the power of the radio you are installing. This would work fine for this radio as it is a lower power unit. I run my continue 12v for memory from the clock, I run power either from a separate line from the box or cigarette lighter and illumination from the gear shifter light.

Now if you still have the fuse layout paper in the box, you will see there is a remark in the description of what runs off the fuse for the radio/acessories. It states that if a radio installed you must increase the fuse, I had the issue of this fuse blowing on my euro and then I found out who ever attempted the radio install never up'ed the fuse.
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