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1978 280slc
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I want to buy a Becker Mexico and amplifier for my 1978 280slc. If you have one you would like to sell let me know condition and price and if you can send photos it would be appreciated. It is not so important that the cassette player works as I hear they all tend to disintegrate. If the cassette player works that would be a plus though. I could also use the speaker wires from the radio.

I am currently selling a Europa I bought in ignorance so I will have to wait for it to sell before I could pay for a Mexico. I figure it should sell in a week. Wanting a Becker Mexico should be renamed Montezuma's revenge!

I am located in the SF bay area and if you are local that would be good for both of us, but shipping isn't that big of an issue.

You can either contact me via PM or email me at: benzbaron at gmail dot com
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