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I made the mistake of suggesting that a forum member I’d lent a 717.4 from a 280sl 5-speed help out another forum member who had a mechanical speedo 717.4 transmission when trying to make an automatic 280sl into a manual 5-speed. Well, everything worked out well for the guy making the 5-speed, but on the other side of the deal, we were supposed to get the mechanical speedo tailcone back and a differential. We never got either. The forum member who had piles of 107’s out in California moved to FL and sold most all of his 107 stuff and moved on and swears he sent the mechanical speedo tailcone (which would have worked with an early m110 car fine). We never got it, and now have half a 717.4 trans.

I had assumed that the tailcone went to the other forum member who has my 717.4 trans, until I was about to sell the 5-speed from a 190e 5-speed (mechanical speedo) that I was parting out. I have yet to figure out if that tailcone will work, and I think the trans is far less valuable than the one for an m110. So I’ve decided to hold onto that trans instead of selling it until I get a tailcone that will work with the trans from the ~1983 280sl.

I’m not looking to pay an arm and a leg for this tailcone, just looking to make the m110 trans usable once again. Maybe my 190e trans needs to turn into garbage.

I’m very bummed out that this guy out in CA boned us after we went to big efforts to help him out.

Anyway, please keep your eyes peeled for inexpensive tailcones.

Mike aka Fonzi
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