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Wish to buy the following for my 1991 500sl with black interior: 1) sun visors account the vanity mirror cover in both sun visors are broken 2) door grab handles on both passenger and driver's side to replace wood ones account cracked and splitting-would prefer the black ones I have seen on some models 3) top roller blind for center console-the one to cover the storage box not the ashtray assembly.

Also, does anyone know what the thumbwheel switch (3 settings) to the left of the light switch controls/does? I can find no reference to it in the owners manual and can not notice any difference when I thumb it down to 1 or 2 or 3Thought it might control dimming on panel and interior lighting.

Please PM me if you have the parts with pricing or info where I may get them at a reasonable cost.

I am located in Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

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