I've owned an '88 560 SL for 4 years now and have come to appreciate the quality, durability and value of MB of this era as a daily driver. After getting the SL fully sorted out and reliable (or at least as much as a 34 year old car can be), I think I'm ready for my next new/old car, and am very much interested in a 300TD (wagon). Not necessarily set on any particular year, but am looking for something local that I can look at, test drive, and probably get checked out by a local mechanic before purchasing. I'm not looking for a show car or garage queen. My preference is a car that's been driven but well cared for (because that's my intention for the car). Basically, looking for something in the DFW area in the Hagertys Fair - Good condition and pricing. If you're in the DFW area and have one that's in this condition but maybe looking to sell, let me know.