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2005 CLK500 Cabriolet - Bone Stock
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I know this has been discussed about 50 times before on the board, but as a noobie to MB ownership, I just wanted to say how much I appreaciate this board and the advice on it. :bowdown:

It just saved me the $525 I got quoted from the Albuquerque MB stealership for a 'B' servicing...I think they should call it a "BS" servicing when I could do or get done all the work myself for $100. :twak:

Here are the steps again to reset the countdown clock for any other noobies.

Mercedes Reset FSS

To reset:
Turn the ignition key to position 2.
Immediately press the button next to the display twice within one second. The present status for days or distance will be displayed.
Within 10 seconds, turn the ignition key to the 0 position (off).
Press and hold the button while turning the key to position 2 again.
The status for days or distance will be displayed again; continue to hold the button.
After 10 seconds, a signal will sound and the display will show 10,000 miles. Release button.


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Thanks for the post. You just saved me a trip to get the thing reset after I have already done the work. I appreciate it.

About a month ago I realized the front rotors were warped and the dealer here wanted $750 for stock parts installed. I bought ATE slotted rotors and ceramic pads from Tire Rack for $275 and spent maybe 2 hours installing them.

Two weeks ago my Nav shot craps and again the dealer wanted $450 to try a new antenna to see if that was the problem. Long story short, for $1200 I got a pioneer Divac D3, 10" Overhead replacement LCD, Lanzar Bass Amp, JL Audio 8" sub and did the install myself, it rocks!!

Forums like this and the contributors are what make these cars worth owning, the average person (me) could never afford it otherwise.



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