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Wow, Excellent service

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Cannot believe it. I ordered the Graf waterpump for my E210 yesterday at about noon. I choose the cheapest (free) delivery in order to do the work next weekend. It arrived today at 2PM - 1 day after ordering it. :thumbsup:
And it was about $40 cheaper than AH. They've won my business for the foreseeable future!:bowdown:
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Oh shucks. :eek:
The excitement just got too much. It was from RMEUROPEAN. :D
I am in market for a water pump for my 72 350SL. In researching the pumps, Graf and Laso come up as good options. But even with these, and mainly Graf, I read a number of negative reports.

MB has rebuilts, but the are about 2X->3X price of Graf/Laso.

Also thinking about a rebuilt from Cardone.
Well, as I said the Graf quality look quite good to me. Other people also seems to give it good reviews. The original pump lasted 140K miles. At the price of the Graf vs the genuine one, I'm ahead if the Graf last for more than 23K miles.
But I'll post back with my experience of it in the future.
Personally I think Bosal is a bit of a hit and miss. My son order a Bosal for his Miata and that also was not a very good fit. It was close enough that we could bend it so that it could fit but that was also touch and go. They are cheap and I think their quality control reflects it.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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