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Wow, Excellent service

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Cannot believe it. I ordered the Graf waterpump for my E210 yesterday at about noon. I choose the cheapest (free) delivery in order to do the work next weekend. It arrived today at 2PM - 1 day after ordering it. :thumbsup:
And it was about $40 cheaper than AH. They've won my business for the foreseeable future!:bowdown:
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Shipping is getting cheaper and cheaper. I won small converter from Chinese ebay seller.
The cigarette pack sized part cost me $2.60 WITH FREE SHIPPING.
Chinese post has well working tracking system. Sent from Hong Kong it is in San Francisco in 2 days, what is 20 miles west from my location. On day 3 is in Sacramento, what is 60 miles EAST of my location. On day 4 it is in Richmond, what is 10 days west of my location (10 miles from San Francisco) and on day 5 or 6 it makes to my location.
In last 2 years I had close to 20 shipments from China. All of them arrived in very timely manner. Even 20 lb box was send via express shipping regardless the ebay add advising to expect few weeks for delivery.
LED lights become vary cheap and good looking so that make pretty good business.
Sometimes you wonder how they do it. Had to recheck the price, but few months ago I needed shower hose for my bathroom. Home Depot sells those for about $15 and they all are cheap looking plastic chrome imitations.
Went on my bellowed ebay and found stainless steel hose where I "buy it now" of $2.99 and FREE SHIPPING from Hong Kong.
The seller with close to 50,000 positive feedback sold all 194 of them he had.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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