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Would you buy this car?

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I used to own a 2004 S500 4Matic before buying my Buick LaCrosse. I was browsing and happened to find a 2011 S500 4Matic with 45,000 miles for $35,000. I'm not trying to be cheap, it just caught my eye. It has all the standard features. It has Parktronic but I didn't see Distronic listed which is something I had before. Would you think about buying a car with these miles for that price? I would lose Pandora integration which I really like but I'd still have Bluetooth. I did have quite a few repairs on my 2004. I did at least one Airmatic repair out of pocket on my 2004. Has Airmatic gotten any more reliable?
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I also used to own a W220, a 2001 S500 to be precise. 2 months ago I purchased a 2011 S550 RWD with 48K miles. It has all the options(parktronic, Distronic, dynamic seats, AMG package) except for the night vision. Paid 32K. Very happy with it. No issues what so ever. 35K is a tad high in my opinion, if it does not have all the options I listed.

I would recommend you take it to a dealer for a pre-purchase inspection before you finalize on it. It's also due for a transmission fluid flush at 40K miles.
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